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About Me

Through restorative practices like meditation, yoga and dance, I help busy, overstressed people lower stress and find more peace and joy in their daily lives. 

The practices I share are not only scientifically proven to improve well-being—they've helped me profoundly on my own healing journey out of debilitating stress symptoms, physical and emotional exhaustion, and crippling grief. 

I wish I'd had these tools sooner in my life—and I strive to help others discover their immense impact as well. To this end, I offer a wide range of programs and formats, all aimed at making these practices easy and accessible. 

I completed 200-hour meditation teacher training with celebrated LA-based studio and app Unplug Meditation, 200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher training at Bhakti Yoga DC, restorative yoga training with renowned expert Jillian Pransky, and Reiki Levels I and II with Jessica Mahler. Additionally, I've been teaching movement for more than two decades across the DC region.

The meditation teacher sitting on a wood floor with candles and flowers, about to lead a class
"I loved the meditation class and slept better than I have in weeks—all great incentive to double down on my practice!"

Cindy, Arlington

"The guided meditation was excellent. I'm usually skeptical of my ability to really 'tune out,' but this showed me I can indeed do it and it can be extremely regenerative."

Corporate Session Participant, DC

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