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Slow Down & Savor: Meditations & Journaling Prompts

Life happening too fast? These prompts can help you tap back into your slower pace and savoring self...

If your life is coming at you a little too fast and furious, if your stress levels are high with no signs of dissipating, remember that it only takes a few minutes to reconnect with our natural pace, with the beauty and joys inside and around us, with allllll the gorgeous sensory details that make life wonderful and remind us what living is really all about.

Below, I've shared three practices to help you slow down and savor, whether you only have one minute, 11, or more.

1-MINUTE PRACTICE: Blue Skies Guided Meditation

In one of my favorite meditations I've ever led (and a student/fan favorite!), we picture ourselves relaxing beneath and breathing in a beautiful, vast blue sky—welcoming in sky and space. One of my students shared the week after this practice that she'd felt different in her body since then..."more expansive and spacious."

Here’s a 1-minute version of the practice.

(Love this and have more time? Try an 11-minute version on the free Insight Timer app!)

11-MINUTE PRACTICE: Slow Down & Savor Guided Meditation

In this guided meditation on the free Insight Timer meditation app, you'll be guided through a series of prompts that help you slooooow down and ground into your body, reconnect with all the beautiful sensory details of past events you savored (and those you could have savored more), and hone your savoring skills in the present and for the future.

CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: Savoring Journaling & Meditation Prompts

Below are journaling or meditation prompts designed to cultivate your savoring practice, your sensory observation and grounding. Reflect on just one, or do them all for a fuller practice!

  • Call to mind a recent moment this that you truly savored in the moment. Let alllll of the sensory details of this moment flood back in and breathe them in. (If you’re writing, try to describe them as vividly as possible.)

  • What’s a moment that maybe unfolded too quickly and you wish you’d savored? Can you replay it more slowly and do that savoring now?

  • In coming days and weeks, what’s something you’d like to savor more? Imagine yourself savoring it now, sipping up every drop of it. Reaaaaally taste it.

  • As you come back to your breath, body and senses right now, can you find something small to savor right here, in THIS moment? Some tiny, quiet loveliness? Air against your skin. The miracle of allll the sensory information our bodies are constantly sharing with us…that so often we aren’t open to receiving.

  • Notice if anything within you has shifted after this practice—both immediately and in coming days. Intention is incredibly powerful.


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