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My Journey Toward Healing...and Becoming a Healer

After decades of running high stress, multiple intense life stressors led me to experience crippling heart-palpitations, visual migraines, extreme depletion and more. Learn about my journey to healing, and how this led to my call to share what I learned with others.

Images of me and my journey toward healing

When I look at my social media feed these days, I'm surprised by how many of my own smiles are looking back at me. And I feel compelled to share some critical information about the more complex story leading to this point and what goes on still behind the scenes...

FULL & HONEST DISCLOSURE: I don’t always feel and haven't always felt like this.

The pictures on the far left above hint at how I actually felt most of the pandemic. Prolonged, intense stress from SOO many directions was causing near-constant heart palpitations, sleepless nights (see the image of my sleep study above), visual migraines, huge energy swings, crippling depletion & burnout...and more.  

Every day I felt like I was dying. 

I knew I couldn’t keep living that way—a direction I’d been veering for most of my life, if I’m honest. 

That wasn’t living. 

Thus began my healing journey...

I gave myself permission to start tenderly caring for and prioritizing myself:

  • I took some time off.

  • Went on my first yoga retreat.

  • Started meditating daily. 

  • Immersed myself in practices that spoke to me: restorative yoga, sound healing, slooooow walking. Reiki. 

  • Listening to myself and my panicked heart. A LOT. 

Resting and listening so much, restoring my nervous system drop by tiny drop... I started to feel a bit better. Then more.

I dove into trainings to learn all I could for myself... And began to feel called to share what I was learning with others who might need a little help finding this path, more of this peace, too.  

I started to feel SOOO in my purpose. In mySELF in ways I hadn’t ever been.

What a remarkable gift to hold the lantern for someone from a few feet ahead on this path... To share practices and perspectives that have changed my life and that I wish I’d had sooner.

But/and...healing is a looooong process. My scars are old and deep, and so is my conditioning to operate from a place of fear and stress and with a panicked heart. 

This work will continue. 

I have to keep practicing. Every. Day. And recalibrating as I go. 

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t had to go through this. That I wasn’t “like this.” But then I wouldn’t have ended up here... Standing in my truest self and purpose. Walking this path alongside such beautiful people. Immersed in the most beautiful, profoundly powerful, life-giving, life-affirming, life-celebrating practices that make my heart glow.


I’m still learning. Healing. Growing. Restoring myself. While trying to shine just a little more light for anyone who needs it along their way...


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