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4 Free Meditative Practices to Reset & Release Stress

Overwhelmed? Overstressed? Try these free meditative practices, meditation and restorative yoga, to help release stress and reconnect to your inner peace and calm.

Woman in restorative yoga pose legs-up-a-chair

Life and the world are a LOT right now. Many of my students are reporting that it feels like everything is moving every direction all at once. Even when there's a little or a lot of good mixed into it all, it's intense.

And folks are TIRED.

The two practices that most help me shift out of overwhelm and overstress states are meditation and restorative yoga.

Both are meditative practices that work from different angles to slow our brains down and help ground our energy. To help us remember than underneath all this living and stressing, our inner peace is still there. Right at our core, just waiting and asking for us to pause.

Different people find different practices speak more to them, and the timing can make a big difference, what's on your plate, where your body is energy-wise, etc.

So if you could use a reset, I'm sharing a few simple, free practices below!Try a few and see which are most effective in reducing your stress and reconnecting you to your inner peace.


  • Stop what you’re doing. Whether it’s for 1 minute, or 20, or an hour.

  • Get comfortable, seated, lying down, whatever calls to you.

  • Feel the earth beneath you. See if you can relax even just 1% more into it.

  • Soften your body as you exhale, releasing to-do’s and tension. Pay special attention to your low belly, drawing the breath here, softening it to allow more life breath in.

  • Stay as long as you can or like!

Prefer a guided practice?

1-MINUTE RESTORATIVE YOGA RESET Legs up a chair is one of the most effective poses for grounding our bodies, resetting our nervous system, improving circulation, opening up for breath. Join me for this short sampling of this powerful restorative yoga pose!

Even 1 minute of pausing, consciously relaxing the body and watching the breath, and intentional reflection (particularly "remembered wellness," which Dr. Herbert Benson studied extensively!) can connect us to calm again. In this 1-minute meditation, we take a short pause to remember what we feel like when we're fully relaxed.


Our most recent Feel-Good Friday practice, this meditation guides us through relaxing our bodies to let go of tension and let in more revitalizing breath, and calling in and leaning into our MOST relaxed selves. A powerful visualization that helps shift our brain waves!

(Want to try a LIVE Feel-Good Friday practice, 12-12:30 p.m. EST, for FREE? Just select your preferred date here, select “Pay Now” in the bottom dropdown menu, and apply code FREECLASS at checkout!)


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